#446 Hestia Companions Nativity

Acquired 2006

This famous nativity is a series of original folk-art sculptures of historical characters who embody the common goodness, creativity, and spirituality of humankind. All figurines are made of bonded marble, hand-painted and dressed in real fabric and the fabric varies from each piece ordered. Each year a new piece is introduced and an old one retired. The set is by Hestia of Marblehead, Massachusetts, with the pieces handmade in Massachusetts and Mexico. I've seen this nativity in mail order catalogs but did not start the set. In June 2006, the starter pieces - Holy Family and three kings - were offered at ½ price in the Signals catalog and I decided to “try” it! The pieces are so distinct and intricate that they appear “human”. I am disappointed I have allowed several years of discontinued pieces go by. I will have to get on the internet and see what I can find to add to this lovely set. My purchase price, $149.99 - June 2006.While attending the Friends of the Creche Convention, in Cleveland, Ohio, October 2013, one of the vendors attending was this Hestia Companions Company. I met two of the assistants to the lady who founded the company. The company has grown and employs all women and one gentleman (the husband of one of the assistants I met). I was able to choose the pieces to complete the nativity story - all at “show” prices. I added two shepherds, two sheep, an angel, ox, donkey, and two camels - one sitting and one standing. All the pieces were sent to me, so I didn't have to cram them into my suitcase! Purchase price for the additional pieces, $380.