#626 Rug Hook by Carolyn

Acquired 2013

Carolyn Runnels, Janine's mother-in-law, lived across the street in our “DeGrado Home” for the last five years. Carolyn is a very loving, caring, and sacrificially giving lady who is found mostly taking care of someone with an illness. She is alone and has most evenings in her home and keeps herself busy with projects. As the house became too much to keep up, she decided to move back into town into a small apartment. As she left, she gave this beautifully handmade - by her loving hands - Nativity Rug Hook piece to me. She was going to save it for a Christmas gift but decided to present it to me now! I'm so glad because now it will be displayed for the 2013 Nativity Open House! I added it to the collection May 13, 2013.