#862 Advent Tower Nativity

Acquired 2019

Shirley Coelho, a “shirt tailed” relative (cousin to Bob Fernandes) visited my Open House, December 2019. Shortly thereafter, she went to an estate sale and saw this gently used Advent Tower and wanted to add it to my collection. She brought it, unannounced, to our office and I was pleasantly surprised. The five candles are the traditional color of three purple, one pink and one white. They are battery operated. They each have special meaning. Advent starts four Sundays before Christmas with the final white candle lit on Christmas Eve. The purpose of Advent is to prepare our heart and mind for the birth of Christ celebrated on Christmas. The first three candles lit are two purples and one pink and symbolizes hope (the Prophecy Candle), Mary & Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem (Bethlehem Candle), and pink, symbolizes joy (The Shepherd’s Candle). The fourth candle lit is the last purple one, a remembrance of prayer and penance in preparation for the birth of Christ (Angels Candle) symbolized by peace. The final white candle is lit on Christmas Eve (Christ Candle) symbolizing purity – because Christ is our sinless, pure Savior.