#354 Leather Set

Acquired 2003

While on our family cruise, Easter break April of 2003, my sisters and I, along with our husbands, were visiting the streets of Ensenada. Carole was in one store while I was in another and she immediately came to get me and said, “Come quick and see what I have found”. We went into a store called Casa Malu and saw several gorgeous nativity sets. The most unique of all was this set made of actual leather. The leather has been hand-painted to reflect the different shadows and colors of the nativity characters. The set includes seven pieces, including the Holy Family (Mary, Joseph, and the Baby), along with an angel. Of course, in the Spanish culture they honor the Kings (not the shepherds) because of the gifts the Kings brought to the Christ Child. On Jan 6th of each year, they celebrate the coming of the Kings to see the Christ Child and their gift exchange takes place then. This leather set was priced above $100, but my brother-in-law, Bob Fernandes is quite a barterer - final price $70.00!