#511 Sedona Gourd Nativity

Acquired 2008

While in Sedona we visited the Tlaquepaque Arts and Craft Village. While there we noticed a Christmas store appropriately named Feliz Navidad. The owner, Diego, was ever so helpful to Bob and me as he helped us narrow our choices to two nativities that perfectly depict our visit to Sedona. This four-piece gourd nativity set is not carved into a gourd like the other sets within my collection. But, instead, this is four individual gourds that have been beautifully preserved, and hand painted as nativity characters. The miniature hard shelled gourds used for this nativity set are grown in Sedona, Arizona. Gourds have long been used as utensils, storage containers, and musical instruments as well as for decorative and artistic displays. In this case, the gourds are used as a beautiful nativity set. The set is hand painted by Dawn Bush who resides in Sedona. She has signed and dated each of the four pieces and indicated where she painted them - in Sedona! Purchase price, $85.