#634 Trail of Painted Ponies

Acquired 2013

This painted horse is entitled, “Faith”, and was released this year, 2013. It is produced by Enesco and created by artist Leslie Gates. Trail of Painted Ponies is a magnificent collection of horse art painting with stunning collective pieces that have existed and been collected world-wide for several years. This is the first time a horse painting was released depicting the nativity story! Painted on both sides, the horse is telling of the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ - the same story angels proclaimed to the shepherds in nearby fields, watching over their flocks that a King was born. The front side of the horse displays the Holy Family with Mary's robe flowing down into the front leg. The back of the horse depicts the star over Bethlehem and the shepherd in the field. I ordered the horse and was on a waiting list until the piece was released. Purchased through Yonder Star, I received the piece in August 2013. Purchase price, $45.99.