#614 Maritza Moreno Yard Ceramic Set

Acquired 2012

Maritza was a dedicated employee for several years and took a keen interest in my collection. She contributed another “stand up” large nativity to my collection a few years ago at an employee Christmas party. But, not having seen her in a long time, I came home one day from an outing and found a box of very large ceramic nativity pieces at my back door! Attached was a note saying, even though I am not working, I still think of you and wanted to share this set with you! And it was from Maritza! Fortunately, the phone number we had in her file was current and I called her with my ecstatic joy and appreciation! Mary and Joseph are about 24” tall. Baby Jesus is a one ceramic piece combining Him and His manger. The set also includes a sheep and a cow with one horn broken off. That's OK - I can turn him so that his missing horn doesn't show! November 2012.