#467 Mysterious Matching Nativity Set

Acquired 2006

While shopping for my first time in the downtown stores in Sonora with Aunt Charlotte and my sisters and cousin, we visited a new/antique gift shop, The Pine Peddler. What fun it was to browse through their myriad of cabin, gift, and antique items - almost more than an eye could take in! But perched behind a corner on a small table was this “someone else's treasure” ceramic nativity set that matched my “mysterious” Flight to Egypt. The difference is that this set is medium size including Mary, Joseph, the Baby in His manger and a seated small shepherd holding his lamb. The animals include a donkey, cow and two lambs. The pieces in this set are 2” - 6” about three times larger than the Flight to Egypt. There are no notations on either set to know its origin, designer, or age. The purchase price for this used set was $24.95! Purchased in November 2006.