#653 Crocheted Nativity

Acquired 2013

I saw this locally hand-crocheted nativity set at the Hughson Craft Fair, November 2013. In that I have another knitted nativity set, I sort of dismissed any interest in it. However, my sister, Carole, loved the set and insisted that it should be in my collection. I talked to the crafter, Linda Balmanno, and learned that she lives in Oakdale and has crocheted only three of the sets. She just finished this one late last night and is the only one in her booth. As I admired her pieces, I was drawn to the beards on the shepherd and Joseph and decided to purchase her work. She gave me a slight discount and I paid $70. The set includes Jesus in a wood crate, Mary, Joseph, the shepherd, and two sheep. When I got it home to compare it to my other set, I realized this is crocheted and the other is knitted - two different works. I was very pleased to have my only crocheted set!