#611 “Evelyn Nevitt” Nativity

Acquired 2012

One of our growers, Frank Nevitt, came by our office one day in September 2012, and brought a box of corn husk dolls that belonged to his mother, our dear neighborhood friend, Evelyn Nevitt. She passed away about seven years previous and the family still had boxes to sort through! In doing so, they found this box and thought I would be interested in the dolls. As I opened the box, I found several “choir angel” dolls and a few pieces that were smaller all figures creating a nativity set! What made the dolls even more special was that the box was marked, 1986, by Carol DePue, who was a niece to Evelyn. The dolls were made by Carol.The set has been well used but is still quite special. The corn husks have been died to create color in the clothes of the pieces. Head pieces were made from muslin and one of the kings was missing his headpiece. I was able to create a “makeshift” headpiece for him! Another king is missing his gift, but his attire easily identifies him as a king! Also, in the set is an angel, and, of course, Mary and Joseph. Baby Jesus fits into the arms of his mother. All the pieces are stuffed with cotton filler to hold them upright. The set totals seven pieces.