#489 Sunday School Pageant Nativity

Acquired 2007

This delicate church pageant Sunday school scene comes complete with a stage, Mary with Baby Jesus, Joseph, three kings, angel, a donkey, shepherd, and a lamb. It is crafted of poly resin and has an on and off switch so that the stage lights up with 5 flood lights across the front of the stage. This set is similar to others in the collection with the exception that the kings in this set were quite unique including the black Sunday School boy with his big black eyes. One of the kings is trying to be very aged with his glasses and his long white beard. The third younger king has a big smile on his face and can't keep a keep a straight face in the seriousness of the moment of the Christmas pageant. The donkey is darling with his little baby face peeking out from the cute donkey mask. The little lamb is all nestled in his sheep costume including his long black ears. The little black angel with her long black curls has a very sweet grin on her face as she respects her position as she peers over Baby Jesus. Notice the shepherd as he has his arms folded. Joseph has his hands behind his back. Mary is cuddled in her purple and white robe while holding Baby Jesus in His swaddling cloth with hearts on it. Purchased from Collections, etc., October 2007, this was a must to be added to the collection. This set was on sale for $13.97.