#506 Boat Nativity

Acquired 2008

Janine was visiting Washington D.C. in April 2008, as a chaperone for Jocelyn's 8th grade Modesto Christian School trip. They visited the Washington Cathedral and were enthralled with all its beauty, majesty, and elegance. After their visit Janine popped into the Gift Shop for a quick peek with about three minutes to spare before the bus left. Janine immediately saw several nativities and said, “Oh my!” She ran through the shop and picked three of the most unusual nativities giving her credit card number to the clerk with her shipping address for mailing and said to take care of it! This boat nativity is one of the three that she chose for me as a Love Gift and Mother's Day gift. This darling and most unusual clay boat nativity was made in Peru. It depicts the Indians as the Holy Family with the Indian Mother (Mary) holding Baby Jesus. Her head covering is sitting on a bale of hay and the animals are nestled all around her as they make their way in the canoe to a better land. Janine's purchase price, $57.95.