#894 Irish West Cork Nativity

Acquired 2022

What a privilege to visit Ireland with our daughter, son-in-law and two grandchildren in May 2022. As we changed hotels seven times in nine days, we were spending two nights in Killarney. Once settled into our rooms, we hit the shops around our hotel. Right below the Killarney hotel was a high-end gift shop and this nativity! It was one of the very few nativities I saw in Ireland – it wasn’t Christmas season! While this nativity is not traditionally green as one would expect, it is made in West Cork, Ireland. The whimsical folk people caught my attention. The shop clerk didn’t have much information except the Irish location, and I went on my way.But the thoughts of this nativity didn’t leave my mind. As we traveled through Cork, I imagined getting to visit the place where the nativity was made, but; unfortunately, we were not scheduled to stop in Cork! The nativity was available on their website and when I returned to California, I ordered the set online to include it in the collection. I also ordered an Irish folk lad holding a sign pointing to Ireland to include with the set.The whimsical features of the nine pieces, all white clothing, are exact and detailed and quite heavy. Their big eyes and noses create a styling that is unique to this company, Abbey Crafts. Notice the beards on the male characters – they look so real, even though they are porcelain fired pottery with high gloss. Each piece is handcrafted by founder Gillian Nunan, and hand painted by her husband, Philippe Orsatti. They pieces are then signed by Gillian before marketing. The price including delivery to my home from Ireland, was $413.