#752 Finland Nativity

Acquired 2016

I received this special pinewood nativity on Easter Sunday, which also was my birthday, March 27, 2016. Carole saw this amazing unique set while on vacation in Solvang. As is typical when my loved ones are out and about, they text Janine when they see a nativity set, and she tells them whether I have it or not. Then she tells them Dad will buy it for me and gives them the credit card number. Then the bill is paid by me when it comes in! This set was one of those special purchases! I paid for my own birthday gift. And it is wonderful to have such family laughs and support.This Finland Nativity is made by Artist, Kaija Aarikka, from a devout farming family in Somero, Finland. As a child, Kaija helped with many of the jobs about the farm - tending the cattle, gathering firewood and other household chores. Later in life, Kaija made a hobby of collecting figures of angels and deities. She designed her first angel, in pinewood, in 1981. Later she designed the Holy Family, the three wise men, and the humble beasts of the stable. She uses a wooden crib box to constitute storage and as the stable. A star is inserted at the top of the box. She also includes a paper scroll telling the Blessed Christmas Story from Luke 2. The set includes a ram sheep with rounded horns, a donkey with his ears perked up, Mary with her round halo made of small wooden beads, Joseph, and the Baby in His manger. Two of the kings adorn their gifts in their wooden attire. The third king bows his head in worship, which is his gift.Purchased by Carole for Bob in Solvang, CA. Purchase Price, $430.