#215 Rorex Cruise Nativities

Acquired 1999

May 1999, Pennie and Allen along with special friends, Nino and Ann Bonfiglio, went on a Mexican Riviera cruise to celebrate Ann & Nino's 25th wedding anniversary. At the ports they visited, they had fun trying to find nativity sets for me. It seems they bought nothing for themselves, but musical instruments for Joe and Janine, and these two nativities for me! Pennie knew I looked for “different” sets trying not to duplicate any that I have. She was very impressed with the coloring on these two sets.One is variegated copper tone and the other is rustic colored and hand painted. The copper set feels like pottery and the colored set feels like some kind of stone. Another interesting note, both sets coming from Cabo San Lucas, a Catholic dominant country, do not have the halos on the Holy Family as most Catholic sets do!