#64 Tall, Narrow Hand-Painted Set

Acquired 1992

A gift to me from Bob, Christmas, 1992, from a craft store in Ceres, called The Gift Galley. I first saw this set the day after Thanksgiving. Carole saw it earlier and brought me to see it, but I didn't purchase it because I thought it was too expensive! Being tall and narrow pieces, this set is quite unique. I have seen many different ceramic painted sets, but never quite like this one. The minute, exquisite detail of the painting made it very desirable. The nine pieces, including a stable backdrop and base was priced at $150. I saw the same ceramic pieces a few days later at another craft shop, but no way did it have the depth of beauty of artistry that this set had. It is made by Sharyl Honstein, of Ceres, who works as a physician's assistant. In her spare time, she prepares her crafts. She painted this set in 1992. I was told that this is her third set to create. The first set was especially requested, and she hesitated to paint the set feeling unqualified. However, with prompting, she did paint the set and sold it for $750!