#133 Boyd's Bear Set

Acquired 1995

This four-piece set was introduced this year to The Bearstone Collection of Boyd's Bears & Friends. Boyd's Bears began in 1979. Each piece of the collection is conceptualized and sketched by G. M. Lowenthal, the CEO and Proprietor of Boyd's Collection. It is then translated into a 3-dimensional “Clay” which is reworked and revised many times before the final cast. The resulting “White Ware” casting is developed together with the proper color palette unique to each piece. Once it is cast and the colors are determined, then the Boyd's Bear Symbol of Authenticity, the Pawprint, is added somewhere to each piece. Then the hand-casting and hand-painting reproductions of the original take place to make pieces ready for market. My set was a gift to me from Bob purchased in Sacramento on a Storer trip to a Christmas musical. He stopped in a gift shop there and held up the bus by five minutes!This set was released in 1995 when Bob bought it for me, and four more pieces were added each year. I didn't realize the set had grown until 1998 - at which time Bob purchased all the 11 remaining pieces (via Janine's help!). Purchase price in 12/98 for these remaining pieces was $130.98. There is still one remaining piece I do not have - Serendipity - the guardian angel. She is on order for me at Kellers. I must get it by December, '99 because the set is being discontinued and the molds will be destroyed. Fortunately, I have a printout of the catalog page showing the names and order numbers of each piece. Each of the 11 pieces were approximately $12 each.Names and prices of the original four pieces are as follows: Theresa as Mary, $15.00 Neville as Joseph, $15.00 Baldwin as Baby Jesus, $15.00 Stable, $35.00The Guardian Angel, the last piece of this set, finally came in, June 1999. I picked it up from Kellers, purchase price, $15.00.