#664 Shower Curtains

Acquired 2013

My sister and brother-in-law, Pennie and Allen, attended the 2013 Open House - always a delight to have my family support our nativity ministry. However, at a family gathering shortly after the four-day Open House, they presented me with an early 2014 birthday gift!!! Why were they giving me a gift I asked? When I opened the package, I found two Nativity Shower Curtains!!!! They said that the stunning collection throughout all our rooms, including the two bathrooms, was incomplete without nativity shower curtains! With nativities on display in each bathroom, the Canadian goose shower curtain in Bob's bathroom and pink flower and ivy shower curtain in the big bathroom were inappropriate! So, Pennie went “online” and found two nativity shower curtains and purchased them for me!1. Bob's bathroom - is a white short-width shower curtain with the nativity hand painted on it in black. Very stunning! Perfect for his shower.2. Big bathroom - the regular width to hang over the tub/shower - this is a bold brightly colored statement of the Holy Family with the European Cathedral print. Quite elegant! The best part of the gift is that Allen hung each curtain for me, and I was able to enjoy them the rest of the Christmas season! Thank you, Allen & Pennie.