#675 Sarah's Quilt

Acquired 2014

My cousin, Sarah Cozza Quiery, from San Mateo, attended my Nativity Open House in December 2013, for the very first time. She was taken back by the beauty and inspiration of the collection and raved and raved at how much she enjoyed being here. A few weeks after Christmas, I received a Facebook post from her stating that she had something for me. I didn't hear from her after that for several weeks, until March 15th, when she sent me another post saying she had stopped by our home and left something on the doorknob! In that we were out of town when I got the message, I called our family to please retrieve the “something” from the doorknob!When I got home, I found this lovely nativity quilt! She was nervous to tell me it was her first ever quilt project - and was concerned and said, “it isn't perfect”! I am overwhelmed by her talent and sacrifice of time to patiently work on this project and to me it is perfect - no wonder I didn't hear from her for several weeks! I think her work is astounding! Thank you, Sarah. March 2014.