#796 Cactus Leaf Nativity

Acquired 2017

A special note from my sister, Pennie: “I know! I know! You told us to stop buying you nativity sets - BUT when I find a unique one, you must have it!Pennie states, “While in San Jose del Cabo last week, we visited a family-owned handmade jewelry shop. This shop also had a few nativities on display - very basic, common-looking ones. In a conversation with the daughter/shop clerk, I told her in Spanish that my sister collected nascimentos and had more then setecientos (700) sets. She then scurried to the other side of the shop and returned with this nativity in her hands.She shared with me in Spanish that this small set was hand carved by the elderly from dried cactus leaves. So, you just had to have it for your collection!” The cost was 185 pesos or about $10.” Added to my collection, November 2017.