#552 Bovine Nativity

Acquired 2009

At one of my Nativity Open Houses a guest asked me if I had a “cow” nativity. She, being from a dairy, was interested in seeing “cows”. I told her I had several animal nativities but haven't seen a cow nativity set! I do have the set, Barn Unto You, but that has only a couple of Merry Moo-Moo cow figures in it - not all cows.Looking through the Lakeside Mail Order Christmas Catalog this summer, I saw her “cow” nativity set! It is quite small and not individual pieces, BUT it is a “cow” nativity. It does come from the same figurine line, Merry Moo-Moo, and this piece is a darling cow “angel”! Nestled in bovine's skirt is the small three main characters of the nativity - Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus - and all are cow figures! Purchased in July 2009 - $9.95.