#55 Blue Glazed Ceramic Nativity

Acquired 1992

This set was a gift to me from my mom. We found this set on November 6, 1992. She, Aunt Jennie, and I spent the day together visiting craft and garage sales. This set was at Alice Visser's “Alice In Blunderland” craft show at her home. It is a 15-piece, hand-painted blue and glazed ceramic nativity done by a friend of Alice's - Evelyn Zimmerman. Alice tells me she (Alice) was raised in Ceres in a very poor environment, even at, one point, living under a tree! She was determined to better herself and has accomplished her goal in her life. She is married, works at CAGE, Blue Diamond and does crafts on the side. She had so many handmade items in her home and garage that her husband said either stop or start selling them! She has been marketing her talent for about three years now. Purchase price for this set was $40.00.