#505 Tiny Stone Nativity

Acquired 2008

We took four grandchildren with us during Easter Break, March 2008, to Death Valley in our “new to us” motor home. It was a wonderful trip of amazing rock formations, salt flats, and blooming desert flowers. We spent most of our time exploring and hiking. However, as we visited Scottie's Castle, we had an opportunity to shop! While visiting the gift store all the kids were looking at the gems, rocks, and beautiful stones. Jocelyn was digging through a basket of small stones of half marbles with a variation of children's objects adhered to the marble She stumbled across one very special half marble - a nativity! She was so excited she came running to show me what she found. Of course, we bought it! It's so small that I've pictured it next to a thimble so that the size can be visualized. Purchase price: $0.45! This, obviously, is the least expensive nativity in my entire collection!