#865 Rita Bocher/Judy Klein

Acquired 2020

As my bucket list dream came true, Bob and I were able to visit Sanger, TX, to view Judy Klein’s 3,500 set nativity collection in her building her husband built for her to display this elegant collection. Judy Klein and I belong to the Friends of the Crèche together.After six hours of absolute awe, as we left, she presented me with this nativity to add to my collection. This intricate delicate filigree natural clay pottery piece was given to Judy by Rita Bocher, from Pennsylvania, another member of our organization. Judy thought I would enjoy the piece in that I’m now “really” a member as I recently became the treasurer. The actual Holy Family nativity is about 1” x 1”, but the elegant-detailed design around it is 3” x 6”. It is enhanced when displayed on a dark plate stand. The rest of the time it is so delicate, it must be housed in the velvet red box I received it in. Received, June 2020. Thank you, Judy.