#598 Tall “Maritza” Nativity

Acquired 2011

This beautiful, sparkling, elegant, exquisite nativity was a gift to me from Maritza Moreno, one of our employees, at our Christmas party 2011. She said this set belonged to her and she's had it for a long time, but she knew it would be enjoyed by many more and have a far greater purpose in our nativity collection than it would be in her closet! It's one of the most different Holy Family's I've seen. Tall and narrow in design, Baby Jesus is on a pedestal that's about 18 inches tall, Joseph is about 24 inches tall, and Mary is about 22 inches. Typical of the Catholic styling, the halo surrounds both Joseph and Mary. Baby Jesus is lying on top of His swaddling clothes. Thank you, Maritza, for this stunning, beautiful piece.