#733 Colombian Nativity

Acquired 2015

Also, a gift to me at our 2015 Nativity Open House, is this very tiny brightly colored nativity from Colombia! Marcia Barron brought it to me as she came to be a hostess for the first day of our showing. Interestingly, I have a slightly larger nativity that was given to me by her mom, Norma, in 2001. While it is from Costa Rica, it looks almost identical to this one from her daughter, Marcia. The Costa Rica Nativity is about 4” in size and this sweet little one from Colombia is about 1 ½”.Marcia was a beautiful blessing to me this nativity showing year, 2015. She was in between jobs and had time available to help with nativity set up, with errands, with decorating our office and break room in our plant, with gift wrap and with hostessing. Thank you, Marcia, for your sacrifice of time. She enjoyed the extra income in that she left for a dream trip on Christmas Eve - to Australia for two weeks!!!!