#535 Embroidered Nativity

Acquired 2008

This elegant old piece of embroidered stitchery was given to me by Violet Radcliff at our 2008 Nativity Open House. She was helping her friend go through his stepmom's belongings after she passed away recently at 86 years old. Her name was Mary Papadopolus-Marcelo. Violet is not sure how old her embroidered piece is, but we can tell by the aged color of the linen that it is definitely many years old. Mary came from New York about 40 to 45 years ago and we are not sure if she embroidered this piece there, here, or even if her mother embroidered this piece for her. It is beautiful stitchery and perfect workmanship. What a joy that Violet would want to choose to contribute it to our nativity collection. This was given to me December 12, 2008.