#873 Personalized Lighted Cross

Acquired 2020

A treasured "hostess" gift from my sister, Pennie, from her new home in Tennessee, this lovely white and gold cross is engraved with our name! Twelve inches tall, it stands out beautifully mounted on a wall. The nativity is engraved in gold and when the light within the frame of the cross is turned on, the nativity scene glistens as it shines. The extra highlight of this surprise gift is our name - God Bless The Conway Family - engraved on the front. Pennie saw this piece and asked Janine if I had one (but didn't say she wanted to purchase it!) Janine told her, "No" and proceeded to order it for me. When Pennie found out she did that, she said she was going to order it because it was her idea first! So, even though Janine ordered it, Pennie reimbursed her for the piece, and it became Pennie's gift to me! November 2020.