#594 Star Nativity Plaque

Acquired 2011

This colorful Star Nativity Plaque was a gift to me from our secretaries, Rose, Cynthia, and Evelyn. I believe Evelyn spear-headed this project for me and found some “different” nativities to share as gifts for me during our office Christmas party, 2011. This star plaque came from the Family Christian bookstore in Stockton. The piece is brightly colored and within the star you will find the angel, the Holy Family, a shepherd, and the three kings! It is manufactured by the Dickens collection and includes a separate, beautiful poem by R. Fogle. It states:A Christmas StarAngels sent from HeavenOne silent Holy nightFor a Baby in a manger bornBeneath a star so brightShepherds came and wise men bowedBefore the Child so smallBut He would be the greatest giftThe Savior of us all