#804 Three Piece Gold – 1952

Acquired 2017

When Kathy Krigbaum attended our Nativity Open House, December 2017, she and her husband, Ed, brought their neighbor, Zandra Martin. I had met Zandra briefly at The Fruit Yard, in November, when Bob and I saw Kathy and Ed there with Zandra. Kathy told Zandra about my collection, and she wanted to plan to see it. Following through in December, Kathy and Ed brought her. Zandra was so impressed with the collection she asked if she could bring an old set that she had for several years. Of course, I was honored to have her ask. They drove home, found the set, and drove back to our Open House so that Zandra could give it to me! The set is from 1952 and I'm told it comes from Japan, and is a three-piece gold rubber-based style traditional nativity. The material that it is made from is the same “rubber” base my Number 1 nativity is made from. In that my nativity dates to 1961, it makes sense that this set from 1952 is similar material although very different in look. She told me she purchased it at Martin’s Variety Store on 4th Street in Ceres for $2.98. I am honored to have Zandra’s set as part of my collection. A gift, December 2017.