#267 Dans La Creche – France

Acquired 2001

Mableanne Glassoff, Normabelle Goesh's daughter from Escondido, CA, has enjoyed my nativity collection and wanted to share with me this plate she has had for many years. She brought it to me the summer of 2001. I'm honored to add it to my repertoire of different pieces. Released for Christmas, 1976, this piece is second in a series, called “Noel Vitrail”. The French wording around the plate says, “In the cradle the Baby Jesus has just been born. Mary and Joseph adore Him.” Produced by Porcelain of Limoges France, the artist, M. Andre Restiear, says this of his work. “I strove to portray the joy Mary and Joseph felt at the birth of Jesus. In the upper portion of the painting, the curtain is raised to mark the opening act in the greatest drama known.”