#855 Cork Nativity

Acquired 2019

Our mutual friends that were visiting Nelson and Vikki Maya of Spain, also added a trip to Portugal to their itinerary. Loren and Mary Palmer on a tour of Portugal were introduced to a vital part of the economy there, cork harvesting! They visited cork fields which resembled large oak trees and learned that cork is harvested from the lower trunk of the cork tree. The bark is peeled off the bottom of the tree and harvested only every nine years! I can’t imagine how many cork trees must be in a grove to harvest only every nine years! Obviously, there is a rotation process. Mary said that they make endless items from the cork and gift shops are full of choices. She saw this darling small nativity (perfect for packing in a suitcase) and thought of my collection. The piece is all cork painted depicting the Holy Family. As would be expected, it is very light weight. Thank you, Loren and Mary, for adding this unique piece to my collection. December 2019.