#216 Portugal Nativity

Acquired 1999

Our housekeepers, Frank & Elvira Dinis, who have been cleaning for us for a year, have been very much impressed in their humble natures with my nativity collection. During the Christmas season, 1998, they said to me in their very limited broken English that they wanted to give me a nativity set from Portugal. I know they had their sister in Portugal looking for them, but I didn't give it much thought.True to their word, sure enough, in early December 1999, they surprised me with this lovely nine-piece set including a moss covered stable. In that the sister didn't find one at the time she was looking, Frank and Elvira didn't give up! They ordered this set from one of two stores in San Jose, CA, that specializes only in items from Portugal. I'm not sure which was the greater blessing to me - to see this beautiful set or to see the joy and gladness on their faces as they presented it to me!