#307 Dena's Handmade Set

Acquired 2002

At my very first job at FMC Corporation, in 1961, I met Maxine Avila, the head secretary. She was always an encouragement to me as I was just out of high school and new to the work world. I worked with her two years before I chose to stay home to raise our family. Therefore, I lost contact with Maxine. Eight years later as Carole married Bob Fernandes, I learned Maxine was his aunt and again we had connection. The Fernandeses called her Aunt Dena. Dena passed away at a young age from cancer. Dena's husband, Uncle Tony, maintained the relationship with the family in that Dena and Tony had no children. He passed away in 2002 leaving all his treasures to his in-law nieces and nephews. While Carole was going through the treasures, she saw this nativity set and thought of me. The set is handmade for Dena and Tony by Dale and Phyllis (no last name) on June 21, 1988. The six hand-carved wood pieces include a very tall star-cross and are mounted on the wood base. I am honored to have this set as part of my collection.