#481 Peanuts Gang Nativity

Acquired 2007

Released by the Danbury Mint, this set is a one-piece set including the stable, Charlie Brown, Lucy, and the other entire Peanuts' characters including Snoopy. The set depicts an angel singing her carol, one playing a harp, and one playing a mandolin. The three kings are bringing their gifts, and the piece adds shepherds and their sheep. Even birds, sharing a song book, are singing their glorious praise to the glorious birth of Christ. Notice the palm trees at the rear of the piece have Christmas lights on them. The detail of this piece is quite intricate and complete - a lot of thought, plan and creativity went into this Peanuts Nativity creation. My sister, Carole, found the advertisement in a Parade magazine and shared it with me. I ordered the set in September 2007, for $99.00.