#313 Bearfoots Nativity

Acquired 2002

From Big Sky Carvers of Manhattan, Montana, Bearfoots (Kritters of Adventure) have added another nativity set this year. This entire line is so cute and whimsical - quite darling! From sweet baby bear “Jesus” in the manger, to the attending “angels” hovering above on white wings and flexible golden wire, it is a heartwarming cute scene. Notice that the attending angels stem from hollowed out tree stumps - perfect places for bears to hide. Ordered through Colorful Images, November 2002, purchase price $59.95.Janine saw this set on the internet and told me it has more pieces than I had. Of course, I told her to get them for me!!! I now have a complete set including the Christmas tree stable, a shepherd and a “bear” king”!It is now 11 years later, 2013, and I received a gift for Christmas from Janine. I opened the box to find Bearfoots Nativity pieces which I was sure I already had! She quickly informed me, that for these 11 years, my set was NOT complete! This set included two “bear” kings, a drummer boy bear, and a “cow” bear! Sure enough, my set was missing these pieces and I now truly have a complete set!