#255 Roman's Seraphim Classics

Acquired 2000

I have seen this set offered in mail-order catalogs but didn't give it much thought thinking it was “another” traditional looking set. Bob brought this home, December 2000 as an anniversary gift to me. It is awesome and extraordinarily beautiful! Each piece is delicately sculpted with the smallest detail and hand painted in delicate pastels. He brought home the entire set! Included are the three kings, Gloria Angel, Holy Family and two lambs, two-piece shepherd set, the cow, and donkey. Also included are the stable, stone benches, fence, and trees! Purchase price I found for the pieces, not including the stable or background pieces, $414.The “Gloria Angel” in this set is complimentary to the arrangement. The piece is from another series of angels that Roman caries and is named Bethany - Lighting the Way. My series is called Seraphim Classics, Heaven on Earth and “Bethany” adds to the character of my set.