#650 Rustic Country Nativity

Acquired 2013

While visiting Turlock's Country Folk Craft Fair, I saw this stunning, tall country-rustic-look three-piece nativity collection and was immediately drawn to it. The pieces are about three feet tall with a star on a stand and one soft, sweet country lamb. The brown earth tone pieces are made of burlap and soft cloths and include Mary holding her Babe, Joseph with his staff and a shepherd holding a lamb. This set is the largest indoor set I currently have.I learned from store owner, Carol Soares, of Hilmar Country Antiques & Floral, that the set comes from Ottawa, Illinois, by crafter, Peggy Corrigan, of Bearing in Love. Carol met her at a merchant's market in Pennsylvania earlier this year and liked her work so much she decided to order four nativity sets to sell in her store here in Hilmar. I purchased number three of four. Peggy designs and makes a different nativity each year and makes them personally herself. So, her quantity is limited. Also, as far as Carol knows, she is the only retailer that markets Peggy's work in the West Coast. That makes my set and the other three in this community quite rare. Purchased November 10, 2013, $492.00.