#419 South American Trio

Acquired 2005

It was a joy to have fellow member of our Bumblebee Summer Home Association, Shirley Montgomery, of Stockton, visit my Nativity Open House in 2004. In the summer of 2005, I received a package that I was not expecting. When I opened it, I found these three lovely assorted South American Nativities with a precious note from Shirley Montgomery, saying that she had visited these three countries in the springtime, 2005. When she saw these items, she thought of me and wanted to add them to my collection. I was honored to have her think about me while she was on her personal vacation!The first one, from Panama, is a round large nut (but not a coconut!) painted with browns and blacks. There is a six-pointed star that is cut out to reveal a beautiful nativity on the inside. The second one is a medium sized gourd. This piece is painted with designs in browns with similar flower designs. It reveals a precious, colorful nativity and this piece is also from Panama. The smallest one decorated with green and blue design is a pottery piece shaped as a walnut. It also reveals a beautiful nativity, and it comes from El Salvador.