#582 Origami Nativity

Acquired 2011

Origami is an art of Japanese paper folding which dates to the 1600's! In recent years, it has become a creative art form of complex folding. And artisans have taken the image of the paper folding and created art pieces - in this case, a nativity set of white porcelain. For me, a nativity collector, this set is a prize - beautiful and rare. From prayerful Mary to watchful Joseph, the three kings, the angel, and Baby Jesus in the manger, the white porcelain pieces look like origami. The nine pieces also include a star on a stand. Purchased from Signals Mail Order Catalog, November 2011, $89.In December 2014, I added the newest release of this nativity collection - a five-piece set including a palm tree, camel, donkey and two sheep. Purchase price, $49.95.