#853 Animal Portrait

Acquired 2019

Just before we were ready to begin the 2019 Nativity Open House, as we were putting the last touch ups on the garage set-up, Debbie and Quintin Weiss pulled into our driveway excited about something to share with me. They unloaded from their back seat this huge flat package that I opened, and it revealed this stunning picture of just farm animals surrounding the precious Christ Child. Not only is it very realistic, but it also lights up with twinkling stars. Most beautiful is the lighted glow hue around Baby Jesus. This is from their entire family including Tyler who was working when they delivered it to me. They had seen it at Home Goods in Turlock, liked it so much, they ordered it – waiting in anticipation for it to come in! How very special that it arrived two days before our opening! Thank you, Debbie, Quintin, and Tyler. Gift to me, December 2019.