#660 Turtle Terracotta Design

Acquired 2013

When I saw the Turtle Nativity, No. 641 in my set, it joggled my memory to recall that Marty Falconer of Wilcox, AZ, also made a Turtle Nativity set. Upon return from Cleveland, Ohio, from the FOTC convention (where I purchased No 641,) I embarked on “finding” this set! I looked up the name of the antique store from where I purchased her cat nativity in 2009 and called the store owner. He didn't have the set but would check on it and get back to me. A few weeks went by, and I didn't hear from him. However, I picked up that Janine was working on securing the set for me as a surprise, so I “let it go”. Early in December 2013, a few days before my Open House, the store owner did call me and said he found the set! Janine overhead the conversation and took the call from me! She said “All was OK and thank you” to him!And then on December 11th, one day before the start of our Open House, a box arrived and it was this darling Terracotta, handmade, Turtle Nativity set! What I didn't know was that Janine did take on the secret project and actually didn't know about the antique store in Wilcox, but found and talked personally to the artisan, Margaret Marty Falconer, herself! Janine personally ordered the set from Marty and Marty took time from her schedule to make the set for me! Marty was aware that she was on a time-frame deadline to have it in time for my Open House! Incredible!Janine asked for her personal bio and Marty stated: It all started in a tiny garage with a BIG idea! Raised in Arizona, the desert has always captivated me and its animals. I remember as a kid, watching the desert tortoise lumbering across the hot desert floor, wondering if the house he carried with him had air conditioning! When I decided to work in clay, I was carrying on a family tradition. My grandfather was a stonecutter, raised in Scotland. At the age of 12, he apprenticed in the cathedral in Liverpool, and then continued in the United Stated until the late ‘50's. I've since carried on his tradition. Captivated by the desert, fascinated by animation, inspired by Jullian, my long-time feline companion, along with a few drops of my own humor, my creations are captured in clay. Each piece is hand built, unique, with its own distinctive personality.This turtle nativity includes Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus on a turquoise mat, a cactus, a couple of small desert critters as “sheep”. December 2013.