#717 Thailand Nativity

Acquired 2015

It is a dangerous thing to “search the web” because beautiful different Nativities pop up beckoning to be added to my collection. While looking at the Novica National Geographic web site, my eyes were drawn to this special nativity from Thailand. While I have several sets from other countries, this is the first that I have from Thailand. In looking at the pieces it is obvious that they are Asian. The set is in a celadon green ceramic with its special glaze. The art of this ceramic started in China and spread to other Asian areas including Thailand.The set includes nine pieces. Mary and Joseph have a different texture in that they are dressed in the summer Asian style - very little clothing because of the humidity and temperature. The other pieces are celadon light green with the unique glaze. Another unusual feature is what Thailand Buddhists refer to as the “Deva” angel. A deva is a type of non-human who share the characteristic of being more powerful and much happier than humans although not worthy of worship. The piece in this set has a pointed headpiece and is praying over the Holy Family. The artist that designed this special set is Duangkamol and he included a personal message with the nativity. Purchase Price, $98.99, November 2015.