#811 Wine Bottle Blue Nativity

Acquired 2017

A Christmas gift from Cody and Landon, this set includes three wine bottles! This seems to be a new craft idea in that I have three similar bottles that spell out the word J O Y. But this arrangement is elegant, stunning, shimmering, and beautiful. The crafter paints the inside of the bottles in some fashion – this set being sparkling blue. Then the bottles are enhanced on the outside with whatever design is chosen. This beautiful blue bottle has mounted figures of the nativity. One bottle features the camels, one bottle the three kings, and one bottle the Holy Family with a star and angel. Cody found this nativity online from Needle and Thread, Etc. The pieces were sent from Southern Maryland and were designed by Beverly Wilson. Apparently, Beverly forgot to put the angel on the Holy Family bottle. Cody didn’t realize it. A few days after receiving the shipment, Cody received a letter from Beverly apologizing for the error and sent him the angel to put on! A gift, Christmas, December 2017.