#477 Betty Ellsworth's Stone Nativity

Acquired 2006

Betty Ellsworth, a guest of our 2006 Nativity Open House, came at the suggestion of my dear friend, Gert Lemay. Betty was so impressed and overwhelmed with the collection that she asked if she could make special arrangements to bring her sister from Arizona who would be visiting for Christmas. We were more than happy to accommodate her and arranged December 28th as the day for the visit. With our permission, she ended up bringing her sister and seven other family members to have a special tour of the collection. They brought this 12-piece stone nativity set that was given to Betty by a missionary house guest that stayed in her home several years ago. She couldn't remember which missionary or which country it came from. But by looking at it, it is mostly likely from Mexico or Central America. The set resembles the soap stone from Mexico. Betty's sacrifice makes this a very special set to be added to my collection.