#301 Burk'art Collection

Acquired 2002

In Eureka Springs, Ark., July 2002, I was looking for one special, unique nativity set. While visiting an elegant store called "Iris Basin at The Park", I found that special set! Sue Burkhart Chisholm creates the work, and this nativity set was originally offered in 2001. She lives and operates her business in Georgia. Her work is of hand-crafted clay fired pieces. The same pattern and design format is used for each piece and the set is completely handmade (sometimes even their fingerprints show!). Then each piece is individually pressed with a unique treasure. While closing her grandparent's home several years ago, she discovered a split oak basket filled with tattered laces and forgotten treasures. She uses these treasures, and other heirlooms she has found since, to imprint each piece. Therefore, while the set looks the same, each piece has a different imprint. This nativity set includes imprints of lace, salt & pepper shakers, keys, buttons, window pulls, peach pits, a rice basket, a cinnamon stick, earrings, and Baby Jesus is imprinted with an applesauce strainer. The copper staff and star are handmade in Indiana especially for Burk'art. The angel is made with lace and then hand painted. The color of the angel matches the patina and lacquer color coating of the star and staff. The entire set includes 17 pieces including the star. Purchase price $395.