#854 Flamenco Spain Dancers

Acquired 2019

Our dear friends serving as missionaries in the Andalucía area of Spain, Nelson and Vikki Maya, emailed me telling me they found this darling three-piece Flamenco Dancer Nativity set and wanted to share it with me. The three pieces are very colorful and typical of the Spanish culture. The problem was they were in Spain, and I was in Modesto! How was I to get it? As it turned out, a couple from our church, mutual friends, were visiting Spain because their son was stationed there. They were close to where Nelson and Vikki were, contacted them and had lunch together. Bingo! They became the vehicle to get the nativity set to me when they returned home! It arrived the morning that I opened our 2019 nativity showing for me and all our guests to enjoy! A gift, December 2019.