#351 Veggie Tails Nativity

Acquired 2002

Guests from our 2002 Nativity Open House told me that Veggie Tails had a nativity set. I was pleasingly surprised and, of course, I was on a hunt. I called Beardsley's and they had none left and couldn't get any more sets. Janine, the internet expert, is always my person to find the tough treasures for me, so I presented the challenge to her. It didn't take her long to find it for me even in the original box! What a darling set to add to our collection and so very different. Purchased on the internet, $59.95.The set includes: Laura the Carrot (Mary) * Jr. Asparagus (Joseph) * Bob the Tomato (Shepherd) Larry the Cucumber (King) * Pea (Angel with Flashlight) * Pea (Baby Jesus in a wagon) * Stable