#843 Bits and Pieces Shaped Puzzle

Acquired 2019

I had this 700-piece puzzle for a few years still in the box and unopened. During a quiet time in the early cold months of 2019, I decided to pull it out and put it together. Oh my, it had so many brown colored pieces, I was very discouraged – it was much too hard! But my stubborn determination told me to keep at it, and when it is done, throw it back into the box and put it in the garage sale! When it was finally completed, Bob said it was so pretty that I should frame it! Hey, not a bad idea. By now I had grown very fond of the challenge especially in that the picture was a beautiful rendition of Jesus’ birth. Yes, I could add it to my collection! I went to Michaels, bought what I needed to mount it, worked on that project – it was especially difficult to cut the backing poster board to the shape of the puzzle, but we got it! It now has become a lovely display on the wall in our living room. Puzzle and mounting supplies - $20??? Mounted, April 2019.