#667 Wall Plaque Nativity

Acquired 2013

Tracy Blount who has set up the collection for the last three showings over six years span mentioned to me that I could use a few more “larger” sets and pieces that can hang on the wall. She also mentioned both ideas to my precious daughter, Janine! So, because Janine supports the collection and is always glad when she can “buy” something that her mother could actually need or use, she went on an internet hunt! This lovely Resin Nativity Scene is a 24” high wall plaque. The nativity characters are stacked above each other in an upward appearance with the Angel of Peace and the Star of Bethlehem perching above the kings and the Holy Family. Mary cradles her Christ Child with the donkey and the lamb looking upward to them. A gift to me from Janine, the plaque is distributed from the Dicksons Christmas Collection. Christmas, 2013.